Collegio Artigianelli – Torino

Exhibition and book signing “Life In Syria” September 21 2019 – October 10 2019

At Collegio Artigianelli in Turin the exhibition and the book signing will take place for telling of the photographic project and book “Life in Syria”. They will take part at the event: Filippo Mancini, project coordinator, Emad Husso and Nour kelze.

Book shop Griot – Rome

Book signing “Life In Syria” February 24 2018

At Libreria Griot in Rome the book signing took place for telling of the photographic project and book “Life in Syria”. They took part at the event: Filippo Mancini, project coordinator, the journalist Fouad Roueiha, expert in Middle Est, Stefano Vigni, book editor and Mohammad Aman Qurabi, photographer and coauthor of the book, via Skype from Syria

Middle Est Now Festival – Florence

Book signing “Life In Syria”
April 15 2018

During the Middle Est Now Festival, in Florence, we had the opportunity to talk about the prpject “Life in Syria” and the photographic. Thanks to Map Of Creation association and the photographer Emad Husso for sharing his experience and tell about his pictures.

Next Top – Rome

Book signing “Life In Syria”
April 20 2018

At Next Top in Rome took place the book signing of “Life in Syria”.
A special thanks to Binario 95 and to Europe Consulting for hospitality, thanks to Simone Giani for event planning and to Fouad Roueiha, Middle Est expert journalist.
Thanks to Mahmud Abdur-Rahman and to Saqer di Life Makers Team for their contribution during the conference.

Ca’ Foscari University – Venice

Book signing “Life In Syria”
May 7 2018

At Ca’ Foscari University in Venice took place the book signign of “Life in Syria”, we thank the university and professor Daniela Meneghini for the opportunity to share this project.

SIOI – World Refugee Day Exhibition talk in collaboration with UNHCR

Event presentation for the spread of “Life in Syria” photographic project

On May 30 2018 at SIOI in Rome, during the World Refugee Day was launched the exhibition that took place in Rome at Auditorium Parco della Musica in collaboration with UNHCR.Thanks to Emad Husso, a book photographer and coauthor, for his contribution via Skype.

Bookshop Piola Libri – Bruxelles

Book signign “Life In Syria”
June 25 2018

Thanks to Piola Libri in Bruxelles that allowed us to have the first “Life in Syria” book signing in Belgium.

Bookshop Eco del Nord – Liegi

Book signing “Life In Syria” June 27 2018

The second Belgian book signing took place on
June 27 at bookshop Eco del Nord in Liege.

New presentations and events of the “Life in Syria” project soon